Frequently Asked Questions

We provide quarterly pest control service with in between visits at no additional charge. All services are guaranteed.

Areas include interior, exterior, detached sheds, garages, buildings, decks, and crawl space (if applicable)

Every chemical used is approved by the EPA. If it wasn’t safe, they wouldn’t let us use it. For those that have breathing issues, asthma, pregnant, infants, birds, fish, cats – We give specific instructions for evacuating premises until the chemical is completely dry.

No need to since everyone is family. We’ve known them since birth.

Everyone’s situation is different. We tailor a program for each customer.

All repairs, treatments, and services are guaranteed.

Yes. Most find they are not as effective as the other products we use but do provide that option.

Newport News to north of Richmond, South to the North Carolina border. West to Petersburg. Matthews County, Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Toano, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Isle of Wright, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Gloucester County

Payment is due at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made.

Liquid sprays are generally applied at entry and exit points (window and doors), and baseboards, and sometimes, cabinets and under sinks. Granules appear like fertilizer and is applied generally around the perimeter of the home, providing a barrier against common pests.

Steps differ based on the services we are providing. For general pests, pull the furniture away from the walls so baseboards can be sprayed. We will spray entry/exit points and inside baseboards. Granules will be applied around the perimeter and spider brush on the outside.

Flea and Roach Treatments – There are specific instructions for these services. These are shared at appointment setting.